Apple ITouch – Not all that bad..

Well I got to have a quick play and preview of the brand spanking new Apple Itouch, and i must say its very nice, it has built in WIFI and i have to say the clarity of the screen is sensatioal the pictures and the rendering is abosulty amazing for a device like this. I streamed a movie from good old you Tube and put it as full screen. And not only did it stream it without having to pause once (which tells me the WIFI chipset is not half bad, in fact alot better then some of the Windows Mobile phones) but it aslo look sensataion.

The other thing i must i say i reall liked is the size of the buttins they are actully made for the normal population, (or at least my fat fingers) so navigation seems easy enough. the screen size it rather nise still in the 16:9 fasion. and the other function i found really smart was as soon as you turn the Itouch on its side in a 16:9 fashion is automaticlly senses it and turn the screen to suit.

The last thing i had a look at whilse my very quick look was the way it rendered a normal webpage, it shrunk it down so the whole page would fit and it did this very very nicly, you can zoon to that part of the page and navigate very eaisly, Microsoft i think you have you work cut out to get IE mobile to act like this!!!!!!!!

The only thing i really dont like is the fact that the bottom is chrome and the screen is black, it leaves a mess of finger prints, i mean sure is looks very neat if its clean and untouched but after 30 seconds of touching, wow is a bloody mess.

My other complaint is the lack of appliactions like there is no pdf viewer, and now flash installed, so any flash websites i would hate to think… and word docs pdfs well you just cant read them on the run if this were your only mobile device and you needed something quick well you might be in a spot of trouble.

But either way i wouldnt hav any complaintes having one of these funky little devices. However i think i would stick to a windows mobile device i just love the versitility and functionality and masses of support and software for it. but then again its only VERY early days for the ITouch.

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