Microsoft Silverlight is here…

What is Microsoft Silverlight? Well to put it very, very simply, its Microsofts answer to Adobe Flash. Although it does have a lot of maturing to do, but i must say Microsoft have so far done a reasonbly nice job, Michael Kordahi recently came in to Elcom Technology  to give a short speal about the latest product from Microsoft.

After a few quick demos of websites and some general demos on his laptop, it was VERY clear that silverlight’s greatest strength is video streaming, it was renforced by Michael, how easy it was to achive. It was aslo shown how to do some movement, mirroring and a few other fancy things, now i have played with Flash, quite a bit and i find the action scrip is rather difficult to grasp, however Silverlight is written with the common XAML and the good old JavaScript, so everything could be coded by anyone that knows these languaes and this is almost any web developer, which is great news. Also the silverlightinterface will also create the required file set rather easily. If you have ever used dreamweaver and flash or even front page / flash (yes i know front page sucks) well its seems like a mix between the 2.

the down fall is that the silverlight applicaion needs to be downloaded before you can see the silverlight in action, very much like flash. it would have been great if MS did bundle it in to a windows update, i mean it is only 2MB after all.

Download the player here:

I must say i was intreged about silverlight and now after Michaels demo i am a bliver that in a small amount of time silverlight will be all the rage. And with the Silverlight version 1.1 comming out shortly this should be a very exciting time in the web world, especially the video streaming world…

silverlight can be found here:

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