Windows Mobile 6

Well i know its been out for a while, an i am lucky enough to have a Dopod 838 Pro, and HTC finnally released there offical WM6 (windows Mobile 6 ) compatable OS. So i decided to take the plunge and upgrade from WM5 to WM6. Some of microsofts notble differances are:The new look, which does resemble Vistas skin look, and much nicer and smoother then the old WM5 for me this was a plus.

Serach functionality, now WM6 has a search function, which can crawl your PDA for what ever you are looking for similar to google desktop. To be honest i dont use this, it could be helpful with email, but i find it just takes more room up on my today screen.

WM6 is also said to have better or faster web browsing, really to be quite honest, i am still yet to see this… Although i do connect to my WIFI faster, this could be something that MS did that wasnt really noted.

Some other things they have done, as MSN is now called Messanger LIVE, this also has been intergrated into the WM6 release, and again this looks alot better.

other then what MS has released I have found that there is alot of other very, very nice applications that will make your life alot easier, the one i have found to be sensatioal, and also looks very tidy is the HTC home plugin v1.0.

Performance wise well its the same, maybe a little more stable but essentally the same thing with a few more tids and tads, Do i recommend the upgrade… yes i do, its worth it just for the new look, it really does look a whole lot better, you will only gain functionality.

If you are upgrading just remember to read the instructions very carefully, you could potenally BRICK your phone. There are ways of avioding this by using something called Hard-SPL-V7, I highly recommend using this before upgrading to any new rom. HARD SPL can be found here.

I do not recommend recommend any of this be attempted if you do not feel 100% sure about the whole proceedure of course.


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