2008 Server – Where is Indexing Service?

Well this morning when i went to set up some indexing on some of a file system, I got a rude shock, i opened up MMC as i have done in 2000 and 2003 server and looked for indexing Service, and what do you know its not there, so after looking about 3 times through the MMC snap-in List’s, I then scratched my head for a little letting the shock settle in. (no not really, didn’t surprise me that much).

 So after looking through the roles and features i still couldn’t find it, i was really now starting to panic, I did find this useful blog postby Jose Barreto’s , which does show that they have included the Indexing Services within 08 also. However this is basically the same as 03 Servers, no enhancements, as it seems Microsoft have also now included what seems to be a new service ‘Windows Search Service ‘ better worded as a federated search, It seems this is the same search capabilities that is used within the Vista OS, where your searching is always kept fresh, due to the constant indexing. Its also said that they have taken the Search Service a little further in 08, what they are I am not sure yet, but you can bet I am sure to find out, look out for a future post on this…

As for the indexing server turns out it is there, but in a place you would never have guessed.

1) Start Server Manager

2) Click on Roles in the left navigation pane

3) Select Add Role in the Roles Summary pane to the right

4) Select the File Services role and click Next

5) Select the Windows Search role service

And Vol-la, the where abouts was thanks to another blog post

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