Server 2008 Firewalls

Yes that’s right firewalls, not just one that we are all use to in 2003 Server, XP.  So if your trying to server up pages from your IIS7 and you are getting 403 error’s, and you have disabled the firewall in start –> control panel –> windows firewall. Well guess what your not out of the woods as I first thought.

There is another firewall Administration Menu / MMC, where you ask? Its in the Administrative tools hiding. Its called ‘Windows Firewall With Advanced Security’.

There will be three options or windows server has referred to them as Profiles

there will be a:

Domain profile
Private Profile
Public Profile

by turning these off your pages will now server up, provided everything else is configured correctly.

Keep posted I am bloging more about the firewall and its functions shortly, as its actually seems like a ultra mini light weight ISA.

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