Server 08 New Feature of the day: Task Scheduler

Looks like Microsoft have made some very nice and very much welcomed enhancements to the Windows ‘Task Scheduler’ The first this i notice when opening up (apart from the new 3 pane view) is there is a Microsoft –> Windows folder, under this there is a whole host of sub folders which contains pre-configured tasks, some of which are ‘Active Directory’ my favorite time saver ‘defrag’ there is also an interesting ‘Virtulization’ one there, whilst there is only one preconfigured under this one which is a ‘Guest Startup Task’.

I am hoping that there will be more items to follow closer to the official release of the vitalization, some such as Create a snapshot, restore snapshot.

None the less this is a big help that some of these pre-configured scripts now exist.

The other items I have noticed on a quick setup of my own task, is there is first of all 2 options for creating a task, one being ‘Basic’ and the other is simply ‘Create New Task’ the basic is like almost everything now, you guessed it, a wizard.

The ‘Create New Task’  is not, it shows you the tabs which are each step to configure the task schedule.

Create New Task

Whilst the options are almost the same the scheduler now offers some more functionality under the ‘Actions’ tab. They are:

The traditional start a program

NEW: Send an Email inc attachments

NEW: Display A Message

Whilst I am sure i could find many uses for the ‘display a message, I am more so happy about the email functionality, no longer do I have to write a batch file that calls a VBS email script when executing a job, or something of that nature, I can now go and setup my start program, following that i can then go and setup up my Email task. So this will start the app i have chosen, and then on completion will email me the attachment i have specified or an text email, notifying me.

Well done Microsoft, this for me is another huge +.

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