Free hosted Website monitoring

Normally with Free hosted Website monitoring solutions there is a catch, or there is a minimum number, which is rather low. I have just stumbled across what I finding to be an awesome well developed product.

 Its FREE, and so far there appears to be no limits, I just tried to add 8 without any problems, I find 5 is normally the magic number, for such a service.

If that’s not enough to impress well this will; You can use yahoo widgets to keep an eye on your you status, and it claims to have response times of a very quick 10 second turn around….

But wait there is more….

If the Widget is just to much of a pain (which i think it looks quite good) then there is RSS feed that you can subscribe to, just add this into your vista RSS side reader.

Other bonuses were you can have more then 1 recipient, 5 in total, and if you use a SMS service there is no reason why you cant incorporate this into it.

Their slogan
‘The free website monitoring service that doesn’t suck’

I am a believer, big 2 thumbs up from me!

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