Some of new SQL 2008 fetaures

I recently attended the  of which MVP Craig Bailey runs on a regular basis. Peter Ward was kind enough to present us with some real life demos of some of the awesome new features Whilst Peter did mention a stack of them, I must say I am very impressed with some of them.

In particular the transparent data encryption. What is it? simple really. Microsoft now offers SQL backups which can now be encrypted, with NO overheads, that’s right no overheads, it doesn’t seem to take any more time to do this, it take exactly the same space as the non-encrypted backup, and restore times also appear to be the same.

 How does it work,  Well within the CTP it is currently activated via T-SQL scripting, i would suggest going hereto have a look at what SQL scripting is required.  I am sure at release time there will be some GUI associates with the TDE. Now lets say that the hard drives were stolen and this feature were enabled, it would be almost impossible to get the data and extract it out from the encrypted backups, why well once 2008 SQL is installed, it is also installed with a certificate, but this cert is made up of all your hardware components details. So this meaning that there is only 1 of every cert ever created. But then your about to ask how do you move a backup from one SQL server to the other, well apparently ( i have not tried this for-myself, I will be doing so when I get a free second, and will blog again so stay posted) you can move the Cert over with a password that is assigned to the backup.

I will will be blogging more about this feature with some screen shots shortly, stay posted :)

Another feature that we all wanted years ago was Intellisense, yes its now finally here in SQL 2008 server. THANKYOU

One last feature that I really am liking the sounds of is the Resource Governor however more on that to follow soon, i will have some real life examples shortly.

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