Windows Mobile 7 coming in 2009

Unfortunately there is no official release date at this point in time, It was first set for release in mid 2008, however this was pushed back for a 2009 release. From various sources they are indicating early 09.

Recently screen shots of the WM7 may look like were leaked, I found a great article showing a great deal of screen shots also outline features and the focal points of what WM7 is all about, and not surprisingly its touch and motion… Obviously this is Microsoft’s response the I-Phone.

Article can be found here

I have played with an I-phone previously and I did like the cosmetics and the motion effects it has, however I believe WM7 will be a much stronger OS, it has the stability of years of development behind it, its a much, much more mature product.

I am anxiously waiting for this release or even the beta of WM7

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