Upgrading CRM 3.0 to 4.0

Well this is an easier task then I had first thought, I even screen shot the whole process to show you how easy and painless it was.

The hardest thing in the process is if like me you decided you needed to change where the web server was located, then you need to install CRM 3.0 on that server and then upgrade. However there are many blogs about moving  and installing CRM 3.0 installations so we wont focus on that, just know that you MUST have CRM 3 .0 Installed before you can upgrade (its a given really but just in case).

So Put Your CD in, The Splash screen will come up, Choose Install CR 4.0 (there is no upgrade option it will detect the previous installation).

You will be prompted to enter your Licence Key in. once you have successfully entered the key add it and then choose Next, you will be prompted with an upgrade screen as per below


Choose Next

Here as you can see it detects the Organisation name and general details from your previous install.


However you will need to choose your ISO currency as apart of the new functionality, once selected then OK it


Click Next.

You should get the typical MS help us screen, hit Next again


It will ask you for your SQL reporting services HTTP location.  Ensure that you can get to the Report Server before you go to the NEXT screen


Here you can apply what user account you would like to use for the CRM services. Here I just use the network service. This works perfectly. Choose Next once again


Now enter the name of the IP address of your mail server, then Next


Now we are almost done, it will do a check against the components and ensure they are ready to rock and roll, unfortunately on my first attempt i was not ready… :( Turns out you will need to have Service Pack 2 Installed on SQL 2005 Reporting Services.


Once you have done this, or if its already done even better, you will be seeing this screen


So Next and then it will review your choices


Then Finally press Upgrade


Once completed you will need to restart the Server


See easy as pie.

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