Configuring Nukedit CMS under IIS7

I have recently been having a lot of issues configuring this particular CMS under IIS7, Once I had configured the application, I constantly kept getting 500 errors, I turned on all logging in IIS (there is a lot more error logging that IIS7, which is fantastic) However none of additional error logging was logging anything that was any real help, it was a matter of going through all the modules to figure out what and why.

Whilst under IIS6 this task is seconds work, a couple of clicks and bang it works. So I thought for those struggling to configure Nukedit (A light weight free ASP based CMS) I will post something, as I struggled to find any resources on this subject.

If you are setting the CMS as a Virtual Directory (VD) then leave the /includes/setup.asp as it (provided your VD is called nukedit, if not you will also need to change this), otherwise you will need to change it, you will find that line 30 in setup.asp is commented out, un-comment this and then comment line 29, and save.

ensure you have set your permissions correctly (best refer to Nukedit for this one)

Ok now for the IIS7 part

When installing IIS7 there are many features that you are now able to turn on, you must have ASP turned on, server side includes also one hurt. (infact while you are there I say turn them all on)


Once installed then open the IIS7 Console, Choose your web site of VD, you will now see ASP as one of your options


double click on ASP and then you will be provided with many options and Sub options, we are after the behaviours’ option in there you will find enable parent paths, this will be set to false, set it to TRUE.

Then you must convert the VD to an application. This is easy, simply right click on the VD and then choose ‘convert top application’

That’s it you should be able to use the CMS provided the permissions and the other above items were correctly applied.


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