Windows Server 2003 – IIS6 Randomly Crashing

If you are finding that at random times, whether it would be daily, weekly or even monthly, that your IIS servers just stop serving pages for no apparent reason, You can do anything and everything else but yet IIS just doesn’t work, and even an ‘IISReset’ wont rectify the problem, and it seems that the only way that you can recover the IIS process to start back up again it to reboot the system.

If this sounds like your problem STOP looking you have found the answer.

But to ensure this is your problem go to the task manager and view the Non-paged kernel mode memory usage this generally will increase until the memory is exhausted.

It is related to the a memory leak which occurs in the system non-paged memory pool.

However it seems as though this leak is exposed more so when Trend’s Officescan is installed. Microsoft have released a KB on this

Trend also have noted this and also have fix for the problem

Now you may not have Trend installed and you are still having this issue, so the point of this blog post is to simply point out that if this is happening on various servers, sit down and nut out what is the common link between all servers, have a look at all KB’s on all your vendors…. Search and you will find!

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