TIP: Speed Up Vista

Within Vista if your running your PC on a SATA drive, which lets face it most modern everyday PC’s use SATA drive including Notebooks.

Microsoft have an option called ‘Advanced Performance ‘ that allows us write more to the cache, which in turn will speed up the performance of the PC, however the downside to this is  that any power loss leaves the potential for data loss or disk corruption.

So for Notebook users, so long as your battery works (and you don’t let you battery go dead) use it, it is reasonably safe, for desktop users use it with caution, and maybe consider a UPS, the cost of a UPS these days is minimal.

Anyway I suppose you all want to know where and how to turn it on.

right click ‘Computer’

Choose ‘Properties‘ you should see the below screen


At the top left of this screen you will see ‘Device Manager’  click this.

You will then see the below, Once you have it open locate your ‘Disk Drives’


find your Disk you wish to speed up, and then right click on it choose ‘Properties

Click on the ‘Policies’ tab and then tick the 2 options as per below.





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