Open 2007 Documents on your WM5 and WM6 PDA’s

Being the HTC is so darn slow (hurry up HTC its been months since the official release of 6.1) at releasing their official ROM’s we are forced to either use cooked ROMS  or just use the updates that Microsoft provide.

If you like your support and don’t want to void your warranty, or risk ‘bricking’ (which simple means rendered your phone useless, therefore becoming a brick) your PDA then you wont be using a cooked ROM.

In which case your are forced to apply patches to your phone
Below you can find the patch 

Some thing you should know:

• At least 6 MB of Available Storage on your device or storage card

• ActiveSync 4.5 (on Windows 2000/XP/2003); Windows Mobile Device Center (on Windows Vista)

The rest is easy.

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