Vista / 2008: Unable to move file into Command Line Window

I am sure anyone that uses command line has at some point pulled a file from a active window into a command line, this way you don’t have to type the path, and lets face it some of those paths are horrendously long.

If you have Vista or 2008 Server you will have noted that you no longer have this function, and from doming some reading on this some time ago there is quite an up roar about it, rightfully so I say!

I and many others I know use this functionality on a very regular basis. I was looking high and low  and just could not find anything, however today I stumbled across some way to do this, not exactly the same but its still a huge help

When you right click on a folder you get the following:




BUT hold down SHIFT and then right click on the folder


Notice the 2 new items within the list:

‘Open Command Window Here’

Which will do this:



‘Copy as Path’

You wont see but when pressing paste or CTRL + V it will reveal the path, which in my case is:



the open command line is a big help, but this can only be used at the folder level if you try and do this on the file (eg .exe .bat .vbs) you will no longer have this option, however you will have the copy as path, this can be chosen and then paste this into your command line and then enter…


No more typing the full path again.

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