VISTA: Remote Registry off by default

Just a quick one today, as you probably have worked out the remote registry is turned off by default within windows vista making Sys Admin job’s a little harder to install third party applications through a central location.

I was unable to find a script that would start the service and then create the service as automatic.

whilst the starting the service is easy enough, I wanted the service to be automatic, so that way we only have to run the script on all VISTA machines just once, there is no point running it every time on boot up when  we can avoid slowing the system down a little.

Here is the script (.BAT) it will set the service to automatic (on XP and VISTA)


reg import "\\DOMAINCONTROLLER NAME HERE\SYSVOL\DOMAIN\scripts\remotereg.reg"
net start "remote registry"

NOTE: I did not use the delay start because my Group Policy applies to both XP and Vista, this would cause a conflict as the delay start is not an option in XP, I would recommend the delayed start method if you have isolated just your VISTA machines in a group policy


Above you can see it is calling a .reg file this is the contents of the reg, copy and save it as a .reg file also

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

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