Configuring the CRM v4 outlook Client Fails

A while ago we rolled out CRM v4, however we only started to roll out the client for V4 only very recently, When trying to roll out the application I was getting an odd error message.


“The configuration wizard cannot connect to the Microsoft CRM server. This might indicate that the server is down”


The server was clearly not down, as the web interface was fine. It turned out to be a mix of IIS and database related issues.

Lets look at IIS:

if you are running a host header with CRM, simple answer don’t. Use DNS rather then then setting a host header on CRM, this will cause you all sorts of grief (this was explained in a previous post also). Also within regards to the Host header, Also I find not setting a host header will cause problems when installing the client.

So you ask what can I do… easy have a host header of the server name, ensure you are NOT using ALL UNASSIGENED, but use a specific IP (the primary for the adaptor if more then one)

Then do a IISRESET.

So that’s IIS sorted.

So lets look at SQL server.

Now if you are like us we moved our front end server (IIS) a few times, which is fine but the CRM database makes reference to the web server and the port it runs on, so you must change these references also.

Backup your database before using this script.

Update DeploymentProperties SET NVarCharColumn = '<serverName>:<port>' WHERE ColumnName = 'AsyncSdkRootDomain'
Update DeploymentProperties SET NvarCharColumn = '<serverName>:<port>' WHERE ColumnName = 'ADSdkRootDomain' 
Update DeploymentProperties SET NvarCharColumn = '<serverName>:<port>' WHERE ColumnName = 'ADWebApplicationRootDomain' 

NOTE: replace the ‘<serverName>:<port>’ with your IIS servername and the Port it runs on. (STD install port for CRM is 5555)

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