Which web site belongs to the w3wp process


Really the better way of saying it is which ‘application pool’ belongs to the w3wp process, anyway there are a few ways to get the app pool names for each PID.

Microsoft were nice enough to provide a VBS that will display this information for us, you can find this in the system32 folder of your 2003 server – ‘IISapp.vbs’

I wrote a 2 second batch file that will get the PID’s and the app pools for you


   1: REM: this will find all of the W3WP PID against each app pool
   2: REM: enter to continue
   3: Pause
   4: c:
   5: cd windows
   6: cd system32
   7: iisapp.vbs 
   9: Pause

Read more about this below:

Which w3wp.exe process belongs to which App Pool in IIS6 – Scott Forsyth’s Blog

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