ASP.NET tab forces restart of IIS

This has been a pain in the back side for some time (well at least for me), whilst there are few scripts out their that clam to solve this problem, I have personally found this is not true there is still IIS restarts.

And sure you could directly go and edit the metabase.xml, But that leaves to many rooms for mistakes, and you can also go and change the version of  .Net by going into the application configuration within IIS and then manually change the version their.



Both above ways will change the .NET without a restart, but that’s just too much work, I stumbled across Jerry Orman Blog post on this very subject

Jerry Orman : ASP.NET tab forces restart of W3SVC

Jerry has created a very nifty VBS to over come this pain in the but IIS restart, and it works

Cheers Jerry.

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