HTC Touch Diamond Vs Apple I-Phone 3G

I was able to play with the only released and for me long awaited HTC Diamond the other day, I was extremely excited about this phone, seeing many videos and reviews. And while we all know the IPhone was released not to long ago either as the also long awaited 3G platform, and while I praise what apple has done with the Iphone, they have opened a whole new world of functionality and features, but in doing this I seem to read nothing but flaws with the IPhone, apple were clearly under pressure to get the 3g phone out in the wild by setting official dates, however this has come at a BIG cost to apple.

here is the latest of apples issues with the IPHONE

Anyway back to the HTC vs the IPHONE.

After playing with the HTC, I walked away less then impressed, why well mostly I am sure because of the hype stirred around the phone, but also because I found the touch functionality still not to be on par with the IPhones ease of touch and movement.

I found zooming into pictures needed a full 360 of your finger rather then say a 180 twirl, the flick of the finger across the side bar of the HTC seem to be random in terms of what it would select there was no nice graphical movement like the IPhone.

On the upside the on screen keyboard is surprisingly easy to use and resisters the touch much, much better then previous models, of course the on screen display is made bigger, but even with my fat fingers it seems very easy to use, for those with even fatter fingers then me well you can use the condensed qwerty keyboard, or other alternatives.

another upside is its cool looking display and layout is easy to use, the menus have been made larger or finger friendly rather then using the stylist all the time. 

And in terms of the form factor well they are both on par with each other.

All in all my thoughts are the Iphone ease is still a winner HTC do have some work to do to match the Iphone, but then the HTC is working of the mature and proven windows mobile, which lets face it the amount of things that you can do with windows mobile is phenomenal.

If I had to choose I would still go the HTC, but for me I am going play the waiting game a little more for the HTC touch Pro, this to me is more of a power / Business users phone.

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