Google Chrome is Here

Google Chrome has now been released as Beta, you can download it here


I love new software, technology anything I can get my hands on, so now google is my latest test baby and do I like it…?


well it has got a clean easy interface, super easy to use and in comparison to other browsers firefox 3 and IE7 well it seems slightly faster then both, google also has done the same thing as Mozilla where it needs pluggins for everything, which I quite like.

Also loving the Developer built in functions, the inspector is brilliant, it also seems light weight and works a treat, where you select the portion of code it highlights the part on the site where this event occurs (whilst we know IE dev toolbar, and Mozilla do the same, but this seems easy on the eye and light weight)



Now enough of the good stuff, here comes the ranting….

I have found some sites that just don’t render right, alignment is out, images misplaced and some sites just total screwed up, where in the other major browser it looks perfect.

And to be frank it just plan pisses me off, so here is another browser that we are going to have to cater for, while the 3 major players in browsers are IE, Mozilla and Safari, being Google is Google, we know its  only a matter of time before this browser becomes one of the big boys in browsers.

So why, why oh why don’t we have some sort of CSS compliance between all browsers, do they just like to create more unpaid work for us??

Sure its in beta, I just hope that they get do something to correct this.

fingers crossed… and toes.

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