Change Windows Mobile Background Transparency

As we all know we can set the today screen to have any picture we like on it set as a background image, like a windows wall paper, but if you apply the image through

Start > Settings > Today then you will find that there is a high transparency applied to it, and your picture just looks very ordinary.

There is a way that you can adjust or completely remove the transparency, on windows mobile 5 or better.

Simply open your Image viewer, in windows mobile 6.x it is refer to as ‘Pictures & Videos’ once the app is open you will be able to select the location of your image, one found open the image up, down on the bottom right you will have ‘menu’ select this, you will then be able to select ‘Set as Today Background’ choose this, here if you images is large it will show you how it will scale it down as a preview, and you can also set the % level of the transparency.


Once your happy hit OK at the top, then your done.

Here is what my screen now looks like :)


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