Changing your window Mobile Keyboard Layout

Recently I applied another ROM (yes another one seem as though I am changing ROM’s as often as my undies) because I am sick of waiting for windows mobile 7.

So anyway’s I found myself an AWSOME windows mobile 6.1 rip off of the HTC touch series (diamond, PRO and HD)

called HTC_HERMES_S64_WM_6.1_TouchFlo2D_UC_ WWE v5 / GER v1 BIG THANKS to:

_Alex_, A_C, abusalza, anichillus, anryl, bennec83, Bepe, bluemetalaxe, CRCinAu,
dotfred, Dr Puttingham, dutty, duttythroy, efrost, gullum, herg62123, kin0kin,
Koterpillar, l3v5y, lagoskon, lepsyfou, levenum, Lordsmiff, MaRaHoX, Martie, mattk_r
Mort, mrvanx, N2A, no2chem, patr!k, PaY87, poorlyduck, Rhapsody, s.l.i, sakajati,
schaps, schen, Shamanix, shogunmark, Slither2006, tadzio, zocster
with friendly greet

Awesome ROM

Anyway’s, if you are like me and have the good old Dopod 838 Pro, and loaded a new ROM on that is a different country; you might have some keyboard problems.

First problem you might find is that it might not be the QWERTY keyboard but a QWERTZ (German).

Second is that you will find characters more accurately punctuation all over the place , which is just annoying when your in a rush to type something up.

So in order to fix these problems you are going to need a registry editor for your device, there are many around that are free. But I recently stumbled across one that runs as an .exe from a desktop machine, and when your device is in sync it will read from it and allow you to modify the registry, this works perfectly you can find it here

Once you see the registry up and running you need to change the following registry keys:


“layout” = “132105″

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\keyboard layout\Preload\


HKEY_CURRENT_USER\keyboard layout\Preload\1


restart your PDA.

DONE, you now have your keyboard back to normal

If you have another phone the below could possibly help you

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