FREE ftp, ftps and sftp server that works!

Here @ my current work place Elcom we are heavy uses of FTP for various methods. However we have recently been asked to supply a client with a particular solution that requires a Secure FTP solution, while our current FTP allows FTPS (SSL) we wanted something will a little more security, so we opted to go the SSH route also known as SFTP, I have looked high and low for suitable FTP applications that have all protocols SFTP, FTPS and plain old FTP, I have since found that while there are many app’s that do this, some are just much too pricey and some well the interface is poorly thought out and hard to navigate through.

After hours of trailing paid software, I found that they just didnt do exactly what I required, or maybe what I expected.

So I when on the hunt again this time looking for GNU based software, and to my surprise I found one that has all protocols.

It has a simple but yet easy to navigate and work through, and even better it integrates with NT authentication, when I say NT authentication I am talking about Active Directory…. and its FREE.

It even Supports Virtual Directories.

While there could be more with users and assigning them specific paths, rather than global directories, I really can’t complain given its price tag.

FreeFTd can be found here

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