Windows Mobile 6.5 is coming

There has been alot of talk about the release of Windows mobile 6.5 to be officially release in the first quarter of 09, there has been many rumours saying the release of Sony’s XPERIA, however this is nothing but roomers, after in depth viewing’s of the X1, just good UI changes. Steve Ballmer offically let the cat out of the hat in November confirming that 6.5 is coming.

Motorola recently leaked some images of its 6.5 interface. Here is what it may look like, however this could be Motorola’s UI on top of the std windows mobile



Personally I am not a fan of the way it looks, I am quite the fan of HTC’s touch pro series, specifically the touch flow 3D seems to be a far better looking interface.

It is said that most modern windows mobile devices will be capable of upgrading from 6.1 to 6.5.

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