HTC Touch PRO GPS will not Lock onto Location and lags

Well finally got my touch PRO, and while everything works as to be expected the GPS, is less than impressive.

Not only for the first time and various times after does it take 5 + minutes to lock on to a location, but the lag is terrible. I must admit I am very surprised HTC haven’t patched this up earlier.

Any way for those people that just cant get a lock onto their location. I would recommend a GPS viewer to get an idea of what is going on.

Once installed and running make sure you follow the steps below and  then be  patient, it will get a lock but it will also take some time in my experience, also try walking around, you will see your signal decrees or increase by doing this.

Download it here



Guide to lessen the lag effect on the GPS.

NOTE: I am do not take any responsibility for anything that may go wrong.


.Net Compact edition 3.5 –

Advanced Config 3.2 or better – (link to 3.3)

Registry Editor – Blogged on this recently, or you can find some here:


Open Advanced Config and choose GPS and follow below:

1. disable A-GPS
2. disable GPS logging – delete any text or directory listings
3. logfile name must be empty – delete any text or directory listings
4. old logfile name must be empty – delete any text or directory listings
5. maximum size of logfile must be 0
6 delete the files : \windows\GPSLogFile.txt and \windows\GPSLogFileBack.txt

Open your registry editor navigate to:

HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\GPS Intermediate Driver\

- Drivers\GpsOneDevice\ Change PollInterval to 100 (default is 1000)
- Drivers\ change InputBufferSize to 512 (default is 4096)
- Drivers\ change OutputBufferSize to 512 (default is 4096)
- Drivers\ change SleepOnNoData to 100 (default is 1000)
- Multiplexer\ change MaxBufferSize to 512 (by default not present, you have to create it).

Now soft reset the phone and you should  be good to go. I still have lag but defiantly much better than the factory settings.


I have now had much quicker locks and better response times with flashing my ROM with a new radio, version: Raphael note my orginal radio rom was:

find more information here:

If you do flash your radio, do this at your own risk and make sure you read the above thread carefully. I suggest also installing HardSPL for the touch pro. Find this here:

21 Responses to “HTC Touch PRO GPS will not Lock onto Location and lags”

  • Dan Says:

    I use the GPS with the Google maps and once the satellites discover “my location”, I have no problem. I can drive across country and the thing will follow me, accurately showing my location even to the right side of the road. I wonder if the problem is that you are remote?

  • Brad Marsh Says:

    no definatly not remote location, I live in Sydney Australia.

    But your right once I have a lock on my GPS app (Garmin) then google is quick to find my location using GPS.
    But this only happened after I changed the registry settings.

    I also love your blog Dan nice one.. I think I will be a regular there.

  • Asif Ali Says:

    There are two problems i am facing with my HTC touch pro; which are below

    1. when I am not using the cell phone for long periods specially offcourse when sleeping, the device become non responsive, I can’t see any thing, no buttons are working not even the power button and the only way to come alive is taking the battery out and put it back and start again. firstly I though it automatically shutsdown but thats not the case; I use home line to call on my cell and rings are going.

    2. Second problem is external gps with google maps. It give me this error (Error: wininetReadError [0]). Before this there is a long text which says: The current network connection is returning a webpage instead of the expected data. so basically I want to use it without launching the web browser offcourse I dont have to pay…

    so guyz can you help me with these……..


  • Brad Marsh Says:

    hi there
    with problem no.2 you cant use google maps with out using a data connection even if you use the gps.

    problem 1 is hard to diagnose over a blog but do you have any third party apps? are you using the oringal ROM?

  • Asif Ali Says:

    problem 2
    Thats the point brad I cant use it with out data connection or wifi. Under gps setting; gps program port is com4, then in hardware port in none and baud rate is 4800 and access is check on automatically. I dont know is this correct or not, but definatly not working.

    Problem 1:
    I am not using any third party application it just 2 week since I got the cell from 3 network, Since I havent change any thing, it just what it was originally. Also I contacted HTC support they say to do Hard Restart that all. I will try to do today let see what happen.

  • Brad Marsh Says:

    Problem 2
    the GPS is really quite useless I know, I now use a bluetooth GPS reciver its just better on the battery life and much quicker to get a lock the touch pro is too slow. If you really want to use the GPS I would suggest you open an application that will try and get a lock onto a location and leave the GPS for about 45 mins, there are also applications that will constanly poll the GPS so that you dont have to wait for a lock on but beware this will drain the battery very quickly.

    I would tend to agree with HTC, try a hard reset if this does not fix the handset send it back to 3 you could have a dodge cell.

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