Gyrator 2 sometimes flips manila AKA Touch Flo 3D

The people with HTC touch series, more specifically the HD, Pro and Diamond will most likely have installed some form of application that allow them to make real use of the G-Sensor, where when you turn your phone horizontally it will flip the screen accordingly, in most cases this is very useful.

However I am a user of Gyrator 2 (I cant use GSEN as this is only useful for diamond users, possibly HD also), Gyrator is an awesome little app, but it seems to flip manila AKA Touch Flo 3d on the occasion. This only happens when you click the application list in the top right, and then turn the screen you will see that manila will flip. Also when the volume control is pressed and turned then it will once again flip. This is rather annoying when you are receiving a phone call or just getting it out of your pocket, and its all messed up.

Through Gyrator you are able to add your own events, to prevent this from happening, so I thought I would share this with everyone.

Here  is my events.ini file this is what gyrator reads to perform its magic


Stylus In (Lock),*,2,1087,8,,0
Stylus In,*,2,1087,2,/Windows/Default.wav,0
Stylus Out,*,2,2111,2,/Windows/Default.wav,0
Power (Manila),Manila,1,16,96,,0
Disable (Manila),Manila,1,1,1,,0
Disable (Opera),Opera,1,1,1,,0
Disable (Teeter),TEETER,1,1,1,,0
Disable (YouTube),HTCYOUTUBE,1,1,1,,0
Disable (Camera),IACSP20_Main,1,1,1,,0
Disable (DIALER),Dialer,1,1,1,,0
Disable (volume) ,VOLUMECONTROL,1,1,0,,0
Disable(task manager)  ,ATL:1330510,1,1,0,,0
Hang Up (Phone),Phone ,1,16,128,,115
Pickup Call (Phone),Phone – Incoming,1,1,128,,114
power save,*,1,16,96,,0


All you have to do to use this is copy and paste over your current events.ini file, it can be found in

‘\Program Files\Gyrator2′

If you installed the applicaction on your device it will be device\Program Files\Gyrator2

storage card will be storage card\Program Files\Gyrator2

For this events.ini to function correctly you must be running Version 2008.12.10

Remember keep a backup of your old events.ini

 EDIT: its worth noting that everytime you reboot your phone a new random number for task manager is created, see the below config item

Disable(task manager)  ,ATL:1330510,1,1,0,,0

To correct this simple go into the gyrator config screen, edit the taskmanager event and then choose ‘application’ tab followed by the ‘learn window class’ pull out your styls go to start choose today click on the task manager top right side then put the styles back in with the task manager still open. And then you have the new numbers. Apply it and your done


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