Enable Pop on Exchange Server 2007

We have just finished our Exchange 2007 server migration and it went rather well, however there where a few  things that I thought I would share that had me stumped for a while.

So Exchange 07 doesn’t initialise Pop by default, while you will see all accounts will be enabled for Pop by default, but the pop service must be started

there are 2 ways of doing this

1. through the GUI


2. Through powershell

Seems like powershell is the best method, why? Simply because exchange 07 relies heavily on powershell so its a good place to familiarise yourself if you haven’t started already.


through the GUI

start > run type ’services.msc’ > find ‘Microsoft Exchange POP3′ and start this

You will also want to change it from manual to Automatic if you have server 08 you may also want to change this to auto (delayed start) I have done this as Pop is not as vital as other services on the exchange.

Through powershell – Exchange console (recommenced)

set-service msExchangePOP3 -startuptype automatic

start-service -service msExchangePOP3


No that should be about it, your ready to go that’s not so hard at all.

BUT if you have configured this and you are getting the authentication box constantly popup as if its not authenticating then your not finished read on:

First this is first go to the mailbox and ensure that the mailbox has POP enabled.


through the GUI

Recipient Configuration > Mailbox > find your mail box and then right click properties > Mailbox features you can enabled and disable here


Through Console

set-CASMailbox -Identity MailboxNameHere -popEnabled $true


If this is enabled then your authentication is set incorrectly.

"Under a default Exchange 2007 installation, IMAP and POP3 only work when the connection from the client is secured. For many organizations, this is not a desirable configuration."

We must allow for allow plain text logins

this can only be done as far as I know through the console using the below command


Set-PopSettings -LoginType PlainTextLogin

Now for this to take effect you must restart your ‘Microsoft Exchange POP3′ Service.


Now you can enjoy pop again.

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