Outlook 2007 constantly consuming 50% + CPU

Just a quick one today. I was recently given a high spec notebook that each time on load with outlook it would consume 50% or more of the CPU.

So I thought it might be a good idea to post on my findings.


1. First thing was to disable any and all third party comm add-ins

you can easily find these in tools > Trust Center >  Add in tab (to the left) > click on Go (at the bottom)

Restart outlook.


If you still have a high utilization then like me you might be scratching you head.


Open outlook and check the calendar, if there are multiple cleaners open close them all off and close outlook and open again.

For me that resolved the issue, the user had about 7+ calendar items open at all times, this is why outlook seemed to be hogging so many resources.


Hope this helps

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