Apr 15 2009

Windows Mobile Wrong time zone

I have just done a ROM update on my windows mobile enabled device and while there are many new features, and the integration to hide a lot the old and ugly windows mobile interface is superb, however there is a few things lacking the most important is the Time Zone. While it seems to pick up your timezone based on weather points you use at first. for example Las Vegas GMT –8. Although after entering in Sydney (where I am based) it would at best come up with a +11 naturally this would through the clock out 1 hour.

So if you are having problems with your time zone I suggest the first steps

That seems to fix the bulk of the issues going around with the Windows mobiles, however if you like me have updated your ROM and there seems to no avail in sight.

If your in a +10 time zone your in luck

Here is a registry entry for +10

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00










**Copy and save this file as a .REG (yes you can import a registry key in windows mobile) to import the REG file you will need this app – http://www.pocketpcfreeware.mobi/download-task-manager.html

For those with other time zones if you have another mobile device, or an  emulator, you can always change the time zone to the correct location and then from the registry location of ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Time\TimeZoneInformation’ you should be able to copy and replace this on your PDA then your good to go.


**NOTE any registry changes are made at your own risk, I take no liability for any damage.