Allow user Profiler rights without SYSADMIN

Microsoft were nice enough to give us a feature within SQL 2005 which would allow us to grant a user permission to do a SQL trace using Profiler, without having to give them SQL SYSADMIN access… which is GOD access… that’s a big no no.

For SQL 2005 / 2008 users use the below

SQL user Example:


AD user Example:

GRANT ALTER TRACE TO [domain\Myaccount];

For the SQL 2000 users sorry you still have to use sysadmin access but I did come across a nifty trick that may do the job.

“write a batch file that calls Profiler from the command line as follows:

profiler /Sserver /Uuser /Ppassword /Tx

Then I bought a batch file compiler (do a google search and lots come
up, most around $30) and compiled the batchfile in to an executable.
Now I just distribute the executable.”

Read the article here

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