DotNetNuke REAL replacement menus

Finally some one has cracked it, they have made an easy to use and style menu replacement. Your probably about to say but there are hundreds or Menu replacements for DotNetNuke (DNN) and yes there are, alot of which I have used, though none of them used DNN the existing styling.

The one I am most excited about was the drop in replacement for the Solpart menu, lets face it this was always the most style able and configurable menu that ever came out with std DNN, and SEO has always been a pain in the rear end with this menu.

So for people like me that have a stack of DNN sites that used the solpart menu simply for style purposes over SEO (which lets face it the avg person / client that knows nothing about what SEO is, wants looks over functionality).

I like the best of both world’s DDN Done Right (Mark Allan) has produced an awesome extension for DNN with a simple install and a simple change to the skin tag and hey presto your solpart menu retains its funky look as it did before and   you have some better overall SEO structured menus, True hyperlinks, and a better overall user experience.

No only Has Mark enhanced the solpart, he also added functionality to better DNN new default nav provider, and the ability to add some really cool menu over effects, using  JQuery bottom menu)

and further to that Mark has created Mega menus also, and look to be creating additional templates, I know I for one will be watching very closely to DDR’s site for further updates!

for more info keep an eye on Marks Blog

Download DDR’s Free menus here

Thanks for the FREE menus Mark

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