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It’s been a while since my last blog post, what a busy year it has been.

Excuses aside, I thought I would take the time out to share  my findings and experience with ZOHO products…. While I used the ZOHO projects (which is essentially a project management software online) some time ago, I recently logged back in and and had had a look at some of there other offerings, and I have got to say wow haven’t they done some work!

They have in total about 22 web based applications, all of which have there use, but some more so than others, especially the business applications, such as CRM, Projects, Meetings, Invoices, Creator.  These online apps give you amazing amounts of functionality and some with even better flexibility to tailor it to your business needs.   While some applications may not meet the needs for large enterprise business, they certainly could be utilized for the SMB market.

Take for example the Zoho creator, it gives the business / user a simple UI, it also provides advanced users script to create databases that have almost no limit, if you had the time and patience, you could create yourself a CRM system, assets management.

The best thing about the Zoho products is that they are free, well at least to a degree, for super small business you actually be able to get away with using them all for free, as they impose limits on users / and or functions per month. but they also do have really quite affordable pricing models.

Check it all out for yourself:

NOTE: I am in no way associated with Zoho, nor am I receiving any finical gain. I am simply a user evaluating and enjoying my experience with there applications.

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