Free GPS Navigation for Android with Google

I was always very envious of the US and UK, where Google had released there fully blown GPS navigation to the public via Android phones. And then I stumbled upon a post back over at the great guys at XDA, and it would seem someone has come up with a hack to allow the GPS navigation for Google for ALL countries!

I have loaded it up and run it on my Desire, and wow is this thing extremely accurate, even more so than my dedicated tom tom unit.

GPS locks almost immediately, unlike my old windows mobile touch pro

The only complaints I have is, well its still Google maps so its using data, if only it could download the maps to the SD card, it would just be so much sweeter.

And the voices, the very much a Droid voice is hard to understand as it speaks a little fast, as it says the street name and the turn IE. ‘Continue on Bond street, and turn left into Daisy road’  I think this feature is great that it is saying the street names unlike other GPS solutions but they need a better voice, something more human than robotic.

Anyways enough of my chit chat you want the download right?!


Just download & install. Then you will have both original and modded maps installed at once.

Install can be done via an app installer installed on the device or via the Android SDK


For further info refer to the original post at XDA –

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