A Little about me

I am passionate for Microsoft technologies, and a huge intrest in a wide range of technologies.

I find myself on a personal level I have a soft spot for window mobile enabled devices; I have a love new gadgets weather it be software or something I can play with, I try and embrace all new technologies weather it be MS, google, GNU, anything really.

On a professional Level I find myself loving infrastructure in general designing and seeing how it all comes together; How SQL Server meets IIS to provide a robust hosting environment with a stack of security behind it. I also have a passion for management, directing and overseeing major and or minor projects, it gives me a sense of worth.

Through this blog, my aim is to share with the world what I have been up to in my professional life, (I will try my very best to keep personal out of it) through sharing my experiences I hope to help others that face problems or somehow inspire them to give something a go.

Should you need to contact me, you can always drop me an email by completing the contact form