Jan 15 2008

Elcom.com.au – 2008 bundled

So We at Elcomdecided to get a bit ambitious and go for some Server 2008 technologies, the decision came from Elcom’s Technical Director, Craig Bailey, and of course we also wanted to see how websites, particular Elcoms CMS, ‘Community Manager.Net’ would handle it. So We decided to throw up the Elcom website (Company I work for if you didn’t already know).

 So the website www.elcom.com.au is now and has been sitting on:

Windows Server 2008 RC0count down
SQL Server 2008
and its all complied under the latest and greatest .Net 3.5
using Visual Studio 2008

So was there any issues? Well No not really everything went surprising well, 2008 server has been installed on one of our servers for some time doing 6 servers of vitalization and I have to say I am impressed of the stability of the server and the other 6 servers. (refer to previous posts about this in more depth). So it seems MS so far have 2008 server pretty solid at the moment.

As for the IIS component well this was the hardest part, i have played with II7 a few times now, on Vista when first release and 2008 server a few times also, whilst the concepts are all more or less the same i just cant get use to the whole graphical view, whilst some it make sense by separating components into there own area’s it just seems like there are so many more click to get something done. If only they could / would have something like ‘classic view’ Either or. At first i did receive 500 Errors, the logs didnt tell me much nor did the event log, But it came down to what seemed to be an ASP.Net error some how, i say some how because ASP.Net was installed according to the server manager, and was visible from the IIS manager but not in the Application pool, so i simply did the good old aspnet_regiis -i, and after a bit more playing and tweaking, it started serving up some .net pages.

SQL 2008 well what can i say it looks like 2005 so that was easy no complications there.

compiling 3.5 Framework, well that was super easy, why cause i didnt do it, that was one of the Elcom Devs.

So all in all, it was a reasonably painless experience and so far so good, there have been no hicups so far! fingers crossed.